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Alkalize, energize, detoxify,
high pH alkaline water
and use frequency healing

from the

Rife 101 Energy System

for optimal wellness
and anti-aging!

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Use this checklist to compare the RIFE 101 with other brands:
Rife 101 Machine The RIFE 101 is Cordless and Rechargeable!
Take it anywhere, use it anywhere! Having a small, portable cordless machine is very important and handy. Take it to the office, go to the beach, clean the house, make dinner, chop wood, use it in the car or even out in the backyard hammock, as well as in the living room while you watch TV. Who wants to try to reach plugs behind the bed, couch and desk or be tied to the wall outlet? Even take it on vacation or to the movies! If it's handy and easy to use you will use it more. Using it is directly linked to it's effectiveness! Put it in our see-thru Rife101 backpack to use it on the go (free with purchase). And yes, Rife machines have been known to be snuck into hospitals to get loved ones well!
easy to readThe RIFE 101 is Easy to Read!
The RIFE 101 has an easy to read blue message LCD display panel, which shows complete details of your chosen program, the condition name and always tells you what to do next. You can operate the RIFE 101 without the manual. Simply follow the directions and choose your program right on the screen.
ALL known Rife Frequency PatternsThe RIFE 101 Programs Include ALL Known Rife Frequency Patterns.
Don't be fooled by companies advertising "300 new Rife frequencies". You can split one illness into many separate listings. The RIFE 101 programs include all known Rife frequency patterns plus others that have proven helpful for over a decade. The programs are well researched for your safety and effectiveness. PLUS, the Rife 101 produces innumerable frequencies as it is extremely rich in harmonics. Dr. Royal Rife himself said he wasn't certain if the "magic" was in the actual frequency or its harmonics.
Bio-Impedance Matched Energy WavesThe RIFE 101 has UNIQUE Bio-Impedance Matched Energy Waves
The RIFE 101's UNIQUE Bio-Impedance Matching System gives superior results. This proprietary feature overcomes the resistance of the body that usually degrades the frequency and, along with pure square waves and rich harmonics, allows for a higher mortality rate of harmful organisms (MOR- Mortal Oscillatory Rate). NO other machine offers this important feature.
CompactThe RIFE 101 is Compact, Lightweight & Easy!
The RIFE 101 is a compact, easy to move machine (with a carrying case), not needing a computer or additional pieces of equipment to make it work as some others need. It's about the size of a large novel, weighs less than 3 pounds and can even fit in your purse. It's so easy to operate we say "It's Grandma & Grandpa proof!"
LED Contact Light SystemThe RIFE 101's Unique LED Contact Light System!
The RIFE 101's exclusive "Red, Yellow and Green Contact Lights" let you know how well the energy is entering the body. If it's not getting in, you could be wasting your time. Other machines have NO INDICATORS. Are you getting 100%, 20% or 0%? Strength of conductivity is essential. Did you know with some frequencies you feel tingling and some you feel nothing? This contact light system assures you that you're not wasting your time.
Power Levels are Factory AdjustedThe RIFE 101 Power Levels are Factory Adjusted
The RIFE 101 frequency power levels are factory adjusted to provide maximum comfort and results. Set the intensity knob and just relax. If desired, you can easily override the default settings to increase the intensity.
Soft StartThe RIFE 101 has a Gentle "Soft Start"!
The RIFE 101 is programmed with an exclusive "soft start" feeling for each channel, adding extra comfort both as the unit switches on and when it switches to the next frequency channel. The intensity of the new frequency ramps up over several seconds for comfort adjustment.
store Custom ProgramsThe RIFE 101 Can Store Custom Programs!
With the RIFE 101 you can create your own custom programs with your unique choice of power level and running time for each individual channel. You can also combine several programs you use often into one. Easy to program instructions in the manual. It is the custom programming along with the "Last" button that allows you to run the Rife 101 all night long while you sleep! We have created a number of Custom Comprehensive Programs covering common conditions - you get to choose two for free when you order your Rife 101. ADD unit to shopping cart to see the current Custom Comprehensive Programs and what they cover. Email for further details.
Last ButtonThe RIFE 101's Valuable "Last" Button!
The RIFE 101's "Last" button feature allows you to recall your two previous programs for ease of use. They'll run consecutively and with this button and some "tricks" you can run the Rife machine all night while you sleep. Ask for our Advanced User Hints once you're a Rife 101 owner if we haven't already sent them to you!
The RIFE 101 ElectrodesThe RIFE 101 Electrodes - you get all four types!
The RIFE 101 comes complete with all four different types of electrodes. For no extra charge, and for your added comfort: 1) comfortable carbon-rubber hand-grip electrodes, 2) stainless steel flexible wristband electrodes (may be used on your feet too), 3) two pairs (large & small) of flexible carbon reusable electrode pads and 4) four pairs (large & small) of flexible, self-adhesive "sticky-pad" electrodes. Of course you also get all the proper wires for each type.
The RIFE 101 Conductive Lotion and Adhesive GelThe RIFE 101 Conductivity Lotion & Adhesive Gel!
The RIFE 101 comes with Conductive Lotion to improve electrode conductivity (wrist bands and flexible carbon rubber electrodes) and Tac-Gel to increase the adhesive quality of both the flexible electrodes (when they get old) and carbon rubber electrodes. The better the conductivity, the better your results - we carry these on our Parts & Services page.
The RIFE 101 Operating Manual & VideoThe RIFE 101 Operating Manual & Video Makes it Easy to Operate!
The RIFE 101 includes both an Operating Manual and Instructional Video. The manual provides easy to understand details with plenty of pictures, helpful information and all the conditions pre-programmed into your Rife machine. It also includes diagrams of acupuncture points and meridians to assist in electrode placement.The 20 minute full color instruction video helps you get started quickly. (online here)
You might need a new battery!The RIFE 101 Machine Battery Can be Changed Out!
Of course it must be sent in (we recommend every 3-5 years). The ProWave Rife 101 needs a functioning battery to work even when plugged in so this is important! Please see this link.
Our Product GuaranteeOur RIFE 101 Energy System Warranty!
30-day parts & labor warranty.
Einstein-&-Tina-Rappaport We ship within 24 hours, so you get your machine fast! Need help? You can reach us (yes, a live person!) by phone on the first try, 95% of the time. Personal emails are answered evenings, weekends, holidays and birthdays too. Rare customer service today! If we don't know the answer we'll find it out. We can help with program selection, electrode placement, etc. EMAIL US HERE!

The purchase of a RIFE energy machine should be a wonderful and pleasant experience, with eager anticipation of good health. We strive for OVER 100% customer satisfaction - YOUR satisfaction! Word-of-mouth recommendations are paramount, appreciated and rewarded!
Satisfaction GuaranteeSatisfaction Guaranteed!
Try our RIFE 101 machine for 30 days, and if not satisfied for any reason, return it for a full refund, less $150 to cover the FREE shipping you got when you purchased and the refurbishing bee.

Have your own personal health center to destroy pathogens, re-energize your body, enhance your metabolism and the resonance of your organs and glands, feel younger, get well and stay well. Help your family and friends feel better too. Live a far richer life with optimum vibrant health! Because... YOU ARE paramount!

Many satisfied users have gotten excellent, sometimes startling results, with cancer, diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, Lyme, candida, fibromyalgia, impotence, herpes, shingles, eye floaters, AIDS, allergies, cramps, pain, pneumonia and lots more.

Compare this machine with others. The RIFE 101 is small and lightweight (under 3 lbs) with every option already included and comes with a carrying case with plenty of room for all the accessories. It's 100% portable, simple to setup, use quickly and easily, with a 30-day money-back guarantee!
  • Rife 101 Unit with Many Unique Features - Made in USA!
  • Comfortable Carbon Rubber Hand-Grip Electrodes with wires
  • Stainless Steel Expandable Wrist Band Electrodes with wires
  • Self-Adhesive Flexible Electrodes (Sticky Pads) in Two Sizes with wires
  • Carbon-Rubber Permanent Flexible Electrodes in Two Sizes
  • Detailed Manual w/300+ Programs and Helpful Information
  • Quick-Start Guide to Get You Started FAST & EASY
  • Powerful Internal Rechargeable Battery for Cordless Use
  • Rife 101 Approved A/C Adapter (Approved International Converter & Plugs available)
  • Carrying Bag for the entire Rife 101 Energy System
  • FREE see-thru backpack for using your Rife 101 on the go
If there was a better machine, we would have it!
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Optimum Health, Optimum Vitality - at any age!

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